Big Words Speaker Event

Ecology 2020

Big Words – Speaker Event

Our Ecology 2020 Speaker Event is designed with Hokianga in mind. On the Sunday afternoon that ends the Hokianga Festival For Change we have the privilege to bring you three wonderful individuals who walk the talk.

John Wigglesworth will moderate this exciting conversation.

Change is a given. The Hokianga is a unique area, having history, beauty, and the potential to be a peaceful resource. We strive to acknowledge that and to consider visions beyond just our own. To work out positive change before changes are thrust upon us. To make ways to share generously without becoming what everyone is trying to escape from. This is the work we undertake in companionship with the mahi of others who craft meaningful change in our area; in health, wellbeing, and the environment.

Our three speakers will—in conversation—bring us ideas from their extensive bank of experience. Tony, for example, has written about ideal community structures, and the philosophy of living simply and helping others to do so—‘Sustainability’ was his word. Kennedy helps us see other sorts of being in the environment and appreciation for all sorts of aspects of nature and society through his writing. And Sue engages with change for people and environments as a community activist of many, many years standing.

As we expect large numbers, please respect our speakers by arriving at 1.45 in order to pay and be seated ready for a 2pm start.

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