Touch – David Knight

Touch – David Knight

Open from Saturday 6th October to Thursday 1st November 2012

“Touch ~ A Ceramic Affair”, is an exhibition by ceramic artist David Knight.

Using clay as the medium, David finds the very malleable and tactile nature of the material a catalyst for his ideas to materialise into 3-dimensional forms. The sensation of touch evokes memories and experiences. the curiosity and playfulness of exploration and discovery is found within us all.

“I liken it to hearing familiar songs being played. They transport us to very specific moments in time, like childhood memories of playing in the mud and building sand-castles down at the beach.”

What begins in these moments emanates from within, gathering momentum, finally emerging through the fingertips connecting with the earth. A narrative recommences.

With this exhibition David invites the audience to be more than just a viewer. He is interested in the interaction between the audience and the work. A familiar game of ‘Noughts & Crosses’ is to be played, surfaces to be caressed and vessels to be embraced.

Touch enriches the soul…

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