Te Whiringa

Te Whiringa

Yvonne Manuel and Lewis Manuera

13th February to 8th March 2016

Opening Saturday 13th February 11am


Certain voices heard
are heard
not because
are phonetic
from one soul
they head
to another
in the form of magic. JK Gumber, ‘Ginger and Honey’, 2014.

The process of introspective analysis is nothing more than looking within ourselves for strength, empowerment and ultimately…spiritual transformation.

This exhibition invites us to explore the spiritual and harmonious relationship between the artist as maker and the Creator…that space ‘not seen by the mortal eye’.

Painted works by Yvonne Manuel disclose the artist’s journey of liberation and transformation…a journey that beckons us, to a place of empowerment, to take control of our destiny. This journey is not without, for the seat of empowerment resides within us. This is to live a life of unconditional love for animated as well as unanimated life forms, a state of mind where peace and love dictate a way of life.

Yvonne states, “Real change takes place in our lives when we are able to access and ‘work on ourselves…it is an inside job.”

Carvings by Lewis Manuera are an expression of the deepest recesses of the mind, the spiritual essence and speak to us of power, inspiration and the awesome wonder of mankind. They are the faces of the old world; the bond of the old world to this world; and signposts from this world to the world which stands before us.

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