In-Conversation – Jane Molloy-Wolt

In→Conversation | Visual Diaries

Jane Molloy-Wolt

Opening Saturday 1st May at 11am

Open 1st May to 30th May 2021

We invite you to our next exhibition, a solo show from Jane Molloy-Wolt.

Out of strange times come—paradoxically—joyful works. Or they do in the hands of playful Kerikeri artist Jane Molloy-Wolt. Picture the gallery as the ‘visual diary’ of our recent, tumultuous time. Exuberant works which are, as Molloy-Wolt says “…the evidence of a concentrated period of experimental, processes and conversations, created to make sense of this world, they appear to happily co-exist in a place of complete peace, joy and solitude” Known for her large-scale abstract canvases, Molloy-Wolt adds bulbous 3D forms, knotted foams, paintings and drawings on paper, covering Village Arts Gallery’s walls and floor. Come and experience our Happy Place!

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