Outpost Hokianga

Open Saturday 20th December 2014 – Wednesday 28th January 2015



Recovered international fashionista and whirlwind extraordinaire Lise Strathdee is opening her tenth summer season of OUTPOST HOKIANGA at 11am on Saturday 20th December at Village Arts Gallery in Kohukohu. This event will be celebrated with a live performance by premier hip hop rappers The Funky North.

“I wanted to celebrate this creative milestone with a party – similar to the grand opening we had back in the summer of 2004. I had just moved to Hokianga lock stock and barrel from London then. Setting up an art and design boutique in a rural and remote location was a poetic and ultimately successful idea. My point was, and still is, that originality and creativity aren’t exclusive to big city centres. The world wide web has changed all that. With access to internet it is possible to engage locally, nationally and globally. Living in an artistic, talented community such as Hokianga is incredibly inspiring and very contagious! People are attracted to places which are culturally vibrant. The difference for me is that whereas in 2004 my curatorial eye was influenced by my European context – I was ‘bringing to’, now I am ‘creating from’ by utilising elements and experience of my immediate environment. My inspiration for the body of work I will be presenting is ‘land & sea, cause & effect mixed in with a hip hop vibe’.

The opening is timed to coincide with Kohukohu’s annual Christmas parade, a Christmas market and Village Arts’ 2014 Summer Showcase exhibition. Do join us in kicking off the holiday season with fun and furore.

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