Houtupu – Matariki 2012

HOUTUPU – new phenomena

a celebration of Matariki 2012

Open from 2nd June to 5th July 2012

The contributors to this exhibition were asked to explore how the artist’s physical and cultural worlds are interconnected and to consider whakapapa as a tool to analyse our sense of place and origin.

“I looked for artists who are interested in the history of their respective disciplines; in photography, painting or sculpture”, says curator Heiwari Johnson, “but more than anything I looked for artists who have interesting ideas behind their work, so that instead of being materially driven, it’s conceptually driven and that the ideas are ideas of our time.”

The exhibition strives to tell the story of what it means to live and create in this fertile place, Aotearoa, and especially the Far North. Johnson states that, delving into our past is an essential part of this, as whakapapa is not separate from life but the very explanation for the lives we lead.”

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