Lotus Showcase

Lotus Showcase – Liz McAuliffe

carver and painter of nature’s exquisite objects

"Creating from and with nature has long been a way for me to stay connected to myself and my environment. I see ideas everywhere from the native bush to the vegetable garden."

Since carving her first object – a lotus seed pod – McAuliffe’s work has been grounded in a reverence for nature.

"The lotus pod in particular gives me an almost endless inspiration for carving and has led me to exploring other pods, seeds and native flora"

"Attracted to the plentiful, fertile shapes in nature I take delight in replicating their individual forms. I am constantly researching and adding new works."

Manipulating the minituae of the seed/vessel up into a human scale she invites the viewer to begin an ‘equal’ conversation with the pieces and, by proxy, nature itself.

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