Undercurrent – Bev Truloff

Opened 11am 5th March 2011
The exhibition is open from 5th March to 31st March 2011.

Artist Statement

undertow, aura, crosscurrent, eddy,
murmur, riptide, underflow, vibration

Mark making, and the desecration of the surface is something that I really enjoy. Creating a tactile, responsive plate that I can overlay and use with other images has been the impetus for the creation of this work. The print process and my response to it is the most important part of how I create works. I deliberately push boundaries with the materials I use, so in the making of these works there are many items that would be more comfortable in a hardware store than an artist studio. Some of my tools are a plumber’s torch, wire brush, plywood perspex, aluminum and soft drink cans – this diversity and eclectic mix brings many layering possibilities with the plates.

Landscape imagery can be highly realistic or subtly intimated, how the viewer perceives this rests in his or her own interpretation of the work. There are many layers in any environment – social, environmental, cultural and spiritual. Printmaking for me, allows me to explore those layers in a unique way. The collagraphic, relief and intaglio processes that I use are instinctive and experimental, impulsive and very responsive to the process. I do not go into the work with any preconceived idea of how the completed work might look – I simply respond to the first marks, starting with the creation of the plates.

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